Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud

Scammers have now found a way to scam people out of their tax refunds. It does seem extremely strange that anyone would take the time to fill out a tax return at the end of the year only to scam someone. Of course, this is a strange scam but it is a scam and one which is occurring more and more throughout the world. However, what is tax refund fraud and what can you do to combat it?

Fraud at Its Best

Unfortunately scammers, thieves have a thousand and one ways to obtain personal information from you. Some scammers will hack into your emails and use personal information there and some will hack into social networking accounts; but there are a hundred ways for a scammer to steal your identity and it is truly scary. However, this is fraud and once a fraudster has your personal information they can do almost anything with it. You might not even be aware of this until it’s too late; some people don’t find out until they wait for their tax refunds that never come.

When You Know Something Is Wrong

To be honest, very few people find out they have been the victim of identity theft until they file their returns. Usually, the victim receives notices from the Australian government stating they have already received your return and have already issued a refund. Now, when this happens to you, you will be at a loss and initially you might even think this is a mistake down to the authorities. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no mistakes because a check has already been issued to someone claiming to be you. If you would like to know more, check out

Paperless Submission

The trouble with tax return fraud is simply down to the submission process. Since most people today file online it does make it extremely easier for a fraudster to send in the return and receive the tax refunds before you have even filed. Also, most people wait until the very last second, days before the final deadline to file; and as a result, they don’t realize they’ve been a victim of fraud. It is far too easy to file and it is causing a lot of issues for millions of people. Scammers are finding bigger and better ways to obtain personal information and while the government is trying desperately to stop this, it still happens.

Delays and Hassles

For anyone a victim of fraud, they are going to find they don’t have an easy time. The Australia government has to go through and investigate who exactly they sent the refund check to and has to be one hundred percent sure you had nothing to do with it. This takes a lot of time and you don’t get your rightful refunds until months later.

Take Steps When You Notice Something’s Wrong

It is very hard to combat identity theft because in most cases, you don’t pick up the fault but the government. This means you have to be aware of what information you’re putting online and when you file. Maybe you are best to file as soon as possible to avoid fraud. If you ever think you have been a victim of theft, contact the authorities. Tax refunds are one problem, but if someone has your information they can cause far more issues.

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